Team Reefolution

CoralGardening has received support from 4 brilliant students from Wageningen University (The Netherlands). They participate in the 1% Student Battle organized by the 1%Club and Accenture. Our team Reefolution will help us in our search for new techniques and materials to build artificial reefs, one of the most natural ways to grow corals.
The 1% Student Battle includes 8 projects from entrepreneurs in developing countries. Students apply for this project in which they are challenged to use their expertise and skills to solve an issue. Besides solving this issue, each team carries out a fundraising campaign to collect the required finances for executing their solution. During the finale at the 5th of June the winning team will be announced: they will visit their project location in person and implement their solution.
Team Reefolution is made up of four students with different study backgrounds, from biology to entrepreneurship. They all have a passion for the ocean. Joyce has already worked on coral reef recovery in South-East Asia, Bas researches coral in the lab. Justin farms tropical fish as a hobby and Martijn is an enthusiastic diver. They are all convinced of the importance of reefs for our world. Therefore they took on our challenge in the Student Battle. They are coached by Michael from Accenture, who is a passionate diver as well.

Team Reefolution, from left to right: Justin, Bas, Joyce and Martijn.




Meet our team on the Student Battle site and help our team win this challenge! Support our team in their fundraising campaign so that they can come implement their solution in Thailand. Do you have creative and refreshing ideas that can help us further our goals? Feel free to contact us.

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