Finale Studentbattle

On the 5th of June, the finale of the Studentbattle occurred. There were 7 teams left. Every team was required to hold a 5-minute-pitch about their subject. Team Reefolution was the second team to be asked on stage. Wow, they had such a fantastic original pitch! Team Reefolution made a movie, containing video along with different sorts of animations, as to make the story clear. Martijn was assigned the hard task to convey the story alongside the movie in a synchronized way. It went excellent. We are proud of them for the way in which they handled this pitch.

Martijn doing the pitch









Following was the long waiting on all the other presentations. In the meantime the fundraising went on. Many people were one Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. The fundraising eventually became a thrilling competition too. Who will acquire the highest amount of money?

Michael our coach from Accenture



Moreover, the team ‘100% Color’ had a special pitch. They demonstrated live how they made Brazilian paint; and on the end they gave the jury a colour too. After the pitches, the fundraising stopped, and our team apparently acquired the highest price! Wow. Everybody that donated, thank you very very much!!! We experience this as a huge support for our dream. And as a 10,000 euro’s from Accenture was divided among the projects.





Martijn and Joyce


Then the results for which team was the winner finally followed. Team 100% Color was chosen by the jury. Congratulations! After the competition we heard that it had been a real JuryBattle who was going to win; and the battle was between Team Reefolution and 100% Color. That’s a shame, we would have been glad to see our team go to Thailand as to implement our new idea.




Team Reefolution, thank you again. And not to forgot our coach Michael. And of course the 1%Club and Accenture for organising the StudentBattle.

Vera & Frank listening and twittering at the same time












Afterwards there was an enjoyable toast, these are Joyce, Martijn and Charlotte