CoralGardening releases sharks!

CoralGardening has released sharks on the advice of an old pirate. Sharks are the apex predators of the ocean and so called indicator species of healthy reefs. The presence of sharks on reefs is one of our goals. Where can you find our sharks?

Leopard shark








During a talk with Diego from The Old Pirate, we developed the idea to place donation boxes for CoralGardening in dive shops. This way, people that want the best for coral reefs can immediately make a difference by donating a little bit of money. The box is a happy shark. Diego Li voluntarily takes care of releasing our sharks and bringing in the treasure (donations). Our gratitude for that!

The first shark at Li-Diving








If all goes well in nature, the sharks will disperse by themselves. They can be found in more and more shops and restaurants.

There is a shark at Fine Fresh Food, our favorite lunchroom in The Hague.








A shark at the nuts stall of René Laarman found among other places at the kocal market of Bergen of Zoom










If you see one of these shark somewhere, please feed him, for a healthy reef!

Many thanks from the CoralGardening team.