Innovative Coral Gardening method on Sail Amsterdam 2015

What is the link between Sail and coral?

Enjoying nature.

What makes a normal boat trip a special boat trip? The unlimited joy of the immensely blue ocean and the beautiful marine life of course! A healthy ocean and healthy marine life depend on coral reefs. We will take you with us to the beautiful world under the surface and show you our plans to restore coral reefs in our stand on the Groene Oceaan on Sail. You will be inspired and experience how you can make a positive contribution to the protection of oceans. Together we work on preserving our beautiful world under the surface.


What makes CoralGardenings’ approach unique?

CoralGardening protects and restores coral reefs with an innovative and sustainable system. This newly developed Coral-Aid systeem will be shown to the public of Sail for the very first time! Together with international partners, among others the Wageningen University and sponsors, we built artificial reefs that are attractive dive sites from the moment our projects are delivered. We build gardens full of statures that provide cover for fish and other essential organisms and provide a substrate on which we can farm corals.


How can you help nature?

CoralGardening organizes workshops for our visitors on Sail. In these workshops, you can design and build your own statue or reef part with clay. You will get support from an artist to make unique and attractive statues within an hour. Prior to your modelling you will be shown a short presentation on coral reefs and the functions of a reef system. It is a unique introduction to the methods we at CoralGardening deploy: creating something that is not only attractive for us humans, but also beneficial for nature! We will pick the most beautiful or special statues and reefs from all participants, so you can win nice prices like diving trials and artistic ocean life!

Participation in our drawing contest is for everybody. You can win a unique marine price with your drawing of an attractive statue or reef part!