Workshop CoralGardening for kids

First a short presentation on reef life.

CoralGardening organized a workshop of the same name for kids on Saturday the 8th of August. Around 15 children, ranging in age from 2 to 13, joined us. We started off with a story on what coral is and how it lives and grows. Some kids were already well informed. Long live Klokhuis, which did a very nice report on coral earlier this year.

Then a good clay workout.

Then a good clay-workout

The children then continued to make their own hideouts for fish and other animals with clay and paint. We wanted to see some ways for coral to grown on them as well. At first there was some hesitation: “how do you build a hideout for fish and house for coral at the same time?” With some help, advise and peeking at the others all kinds of creative incentives emerged. Some were more inspired by love and decided to make something for their loved ones…

This is what coral looks like!
So proud of my starfish and hearts!
Coral spawning???




















After the claying was done, we had the opportunity to make nice paintings on real canvas. It became a real mess.

The kids learned snorkeling under dive centre Li-Divings’ supervision in the afternoon. Of course there is no coral in the Maas, but it is still nice to snorkel.


A couple of days later we recieved some feedback from Camping De Maasterp: the kids really enjoyed it and were still talking about it. Keep in mind that they have multiple organised activities each day! Take a look at the pictures of this workshop on FaceBook.


Do you want to follow a presentation or workshop for your school or club? Then just contact us so we can organize it for you!