Charity concert huge success!

Students of the WSBV Sylvatica (a university society of “Bos- en Natuurbeheer”, Wageningen University) organised a charity concert for CoralGardening at the Café Loburg, Wageningen. The students were very professional and creative in their organization. You could buy slices of cake and various fruit or meat pies. Every single one of those pies was coral themed and, perhaps more important, very tasty!

Coral cake


The  musical BosBouwBand blew everyones mind with their incredible performance. We held an auction during the break, in which we offered many useful but also playful itmes. Among the items were study materials, a framed butterfly, a dinner voucher, a workshop handling snakes and even a personal concert by the BosBouwBand!


Students had set a target of raising €500,- for CoralGardening during their planning and organization. During the night their hopes rose to even more, €800,-. But in the end in turned out we reached €1.600!!!

Our mascottes

It was a very successful and fun night. Sylvatica and all volunteers, we thank youyou’re your support, trust and passion in/for CoralGardening!