Heading for €15.000!

We have now reached our second target in the crowdfunding campaign of €7.500,-. We are now able to realise not only four flower statues, but also a pair of hands. The hands will serve both an aesthetic and a functional purpose for divers and snorkelers in our CoralGarden. Divers can actively use the pair of hands to test and improve their diving skills!

We thank everyone who made a contribution to this next step in our success! Send this update to your friends and spur them to become part of the change that will make coral reefs and marine life in general excel! An additional 6 flowers and a pair of hands will be made when we reach our next target of €15.000. That way we can optimize our effects on the new reef even more and we can provide divers with additional challenges and fun before they face the natural reefs!

Join us build a healthy ocean!