Party with us to build a healthy ocean!

Do you love good food and parties?

And do you like healthy reefs as well? Then come to Rotterdam on February 20 and party with us to build a healthy ocean!

Some of our friends have organized a charity night for CoralGardening. It will be an evening full of good food, drinks and entertainment. It is also the last chance to meet the CoralGardening founders before they leave for Thailand. Yes, that is right, Vera and Frank will leave the Netherlands in April to continue their work in Thailand. After successfully implementing our proof of concept on Koh Tao, the CoralGardening principles can be spread worldwide to build CoralGardens everywhere. Every single one who contributes in the construction process or is in some other way a CoralGardening team member also helps to realize a beautiful future for our oceans.

We have put more information the (Dutch, sorry) invitation below. Take notice: buy your tickets on time, because we have limited space. The evenings proceeds will flow only to Stichting CoralGardening.


Wam regards,

The CoralGardening Team.