Workshop CoralGardening at Duikvaker

Loyal readers already know we will be present at the Duikvaker congress for dive enthousiasts in Houten this year. But how do you start building a reef? What kind of stuff requires some special attention? After a short explanation on the importance of reefs and how we can protect and restore them, visitors of Duikvaker can actively participate in the restoration process. Coral Gardening starts with a hard substrate. CoralGardening provides that through large statue gardens under water. You can help us design new statues. Under the supervision of an inspiring artist you can design your own, unique and coral friendly statues using clay!

You can experience first-hand how it feels to Coral Garden and to create something that has not only a positive effect on nature, but also a certain attraction to divers and snorkelers! We will take pictures of all the statues that will be shared on Facebook. If you want, you can even take your own statue home as a reminder. The artist of the most suitable and beautiful statue of Duikvaker will receive a nice price!

This workshop is designed with children aged 6 til 106+. Watch out: from experience we have learned that the workshop is very contagious!

Frank will give also give a presentation on CoralGardening on Saturday and Sunday.
We would love to meet you on stand 9938 at Duikvaker!