11 days left to participate in our crowdfunding campaign!

Do you understand the importance of healthy oceans? Do you enjoy underwater landscapes? Or do you want to contribute to a better environment? You have only 11 days left to join our group of supporters.

Because our crowdfunding campaign is a success already, we will start the construction of the first CoralGarden in April. Now it is up to you to decide how large the CoralGarden will get. If we can reach €15.000,-, a total of ten flowers and two pairs of hands will be built initially. If we can reach our target of €25.000,-, the complete CoralGarden as you can experience in the video above will be realised.

Your contribution will directly increase the size of the CoralGarden and the size of the coral reef. We guarantee that your full donation is spent on local materials and services that are necessary to construct the CoralGarden. Visit OnePlanetCrowd and immortalize your name on a reef statue!