Sponsor in the spot lights: SeaLife

There are so many things to take into account when you start a project to restore coral reefs. Besides giving up your “normal” life in the Netherlands, you also already have to start building up your new life abroad. And you need A LOT of new stuff, like diving equipment. Luckily many of the people we have met are willing to support us.
Vera met SeaLife Micro HD

We met Harro Cats, Sea Life Benelux, at Duikvaker 2015. Sea Life Benelux is a supplier of high-quality underwater camera’s, lights and other accessories. They are not only the best option for sport divers, but also for those who tend to do a little bit more under water, like research, or clean-ups, or building a reef! Harro Cats was very enthusiastic about our project and borrowed us a SeaLife Micro HD. So far, we can give nothing but compliments!

The first thing we noticed is that the camera itself is already waterproof. No need for a clean, waterproof housing and all that. We’ve seen people with camera’s diving down only to come up two minutes later with a ruined camera. And vacation. That won’t happen to you if you’ve got a SeaLife.

Mooi koraal

Our second observation was that the ergonomics are brilliant! Even Frank can set up the camera just right without having to use his reading glasses to see what he’s doing. You just need to tell the camera what you’re going to do (snorkling, diving, with or without lamps) and it will just do what you want it to do. The large buttons are a plus as well.

Helaas gebleekt koraal

Finally, the quality of your pictures: it’s great. We just need to get some more experience in under water photography to make them even better. Certainly we also hope that many corals start to recover in the mean time and so our subjects will be more beautiful by the time we take another mugshot of them :). Harro Cats, thank you for your trust in us and support with this wonderful addition to the CoralGardening arsenal!