Donate freely? Yes, you can!

It is possible to donate to CoralGardening without having to spend one extra dime. But how? By using a new online service, where you can buy goods or services for the normal rate and a small percentage of the amount you pay is given to a charity. The choice for a charity is yours to make! Of course CoralGardening is an option.

HelpFreely is an online shopping platform which donates a percentage of their income to charities. The price of a product is the same as in other shops. To make it easier for you, an app is available that redirects you from HelpFreely to the eBay page you’re looking for. If you then purchase your desired product, for example an travel guide to Thailand, HelpFreely immediately makes a donation to the charity of your choice.


You can choose your own charities. The app will remember them and you don’t even have to think about whether you want to support a charity or not. Currently hundreds of online shops already participate in HelpFreely. E.g. Greetz, Groupon, eBay etc. Check the website to see which shops do the right thing. Or even better, subscribe as a Hero through this link, and support CoralGardening. Feel free tot share HelpFreely with other online shoppers to get the flow going!helpfreely-facebookIf anybody ever tells you you spend to much on online shopping, you now have the best excuse you can think of: “I’m not shopping, I’m supporting my favourite charity, CoralGardening!” Thanks to all Heroes for installing this App :)