Volunteer in the spotlights: Inge

I first learned about underwater nature on Bonaire in 1998. I was surprised and impressed by all those different forms of life under the surface. On Curacao, I experienced the disastrous effects of the building of an oil platform in a bay. And visiting Bonaire after the extremely destructive storm Lenny made me realise the unforgiving and ever consuming nature of, well, nature. Even now, coral reefs are still struggling from the aftermath of this storm.

Workshop Koraal tuinieren
Workshop Coralgardening

My sister Vera tought me more about corals, reefs and other underwater life. Frank, Vera and I mapped an underwater playground for divers. Sadly, divers often are also (accidently) a cause of reef degredation, regardless of their intentions. An underwater playground or CoralGarden can help you improve your diving skills.

That is why I am impressed by and like to volunteer for the CoralGardening. Besides my job as a teacher, I am also a ceramist. By assisting children in their designing process with clay I can contribute to creating awareness about marine life in their minds. They are the future after all. Their creativity provides plenty of inspiration for the real life statues at the same time.
Besides those activities I produce the ceramic CoralGardening hangers some of you have seen before or maybe even own. All profits made from those flow to CoralGardening. I also function as some sort of walking helpdesk 😉 for the other members and like to help shape this initiative into a worldwide phenomenom.