Volunteer in the picture: Bart

My name is Bart. Since 2015 Iā€™m helping CoralGardening voluntary. I met Frank and Vera at Duikvaker and they told me about their plans and dreams restoring coral reefs around the world by constructing beautiful artificial Coral Gardens. I do have both practical and theoretical experience with growing coral in the Caribbean, so that spark of enthusiasm hit very quickly. In my spare time I can be found regularly in and under water. In addition, I visit friends and relatives around the country and fire up the barbecue for an enjoyable evening.

Bart is a volunteer of CoralGardening.
Bart is the one on the left side of the picture šŸ˜‰

Do you also think that healthy coral reefs are important? Do you want to join us with building and restoring coral reefs? You can!

We can use all the help we can get. You can contribute by donating your time and skills. We are looking for people who are good at setting up a webshop, networking and recruiting donations. Get in contact with us by sending an email.