First flower in the water

After months of preparation it has finally happened. The first flower is waterborne. Many volunteers and (free)dive schools have helped us building it. Five Dutch guests accompanied us, one of which was KevMic Diving, a sponsor of CoralGardening. Anika and Kees, who had heard from us through Dutch media and contacted us to arrange a visit. It was a very exhausting but fun experience.

Everybody worked as hard as they could and at the end of the week we were finally ready to put our CoralFlower in the ocean. That was a whole project by itself! Chad got the official approval for the planting site, and afterwards it was a matter of acting quickly. Get Invovled came to the rescue and within two days we arranged a boat and enough volunteers to assist us. Launch day was November 17th.

We practice the mounting of the flower on land, so everybody knows exactly what to do. It was a great way to discover some possibilities for improvement. We loaded the flower on a boat and took off for the Hin Wong bay after this rehearsal.

On-land rehearsal


Vera legt aan iedereen uit wat zijn of haar taak is bij het bouwen van de bloem.
Dividing tasks
Two volunteers loading the flower's leaves on the boat
Flower’s leaves
In de longtail plaatsen van de bloem
Putting the flower in the longtail boat
De vrijwilligers zijn met de bloem onderweg naar de duikboot.
Volunteers on their way to the diving boat
Blad naar bloem brengen
Bringing leaves to a flower
Blad in bloem bevestigen
Connecting the leaves
Bloem in elkaar gezet
Flower finished!
Vera en Frank zijn blij met het resultaat
Vera and Frank are satisfied with the results!
Het resultaat
The results

We are also working on a video of this planting. Youtube already hosts a short impression of the building of the flower. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and be the first to witness the launching video!

To EVERYbody: thank you so much!!!

Het team vrijwilligers dat geholpen heeft bij het onder water plaatsen van het beeld.
Thank you!


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