Building on Koh Tao

Coral reefs do not recover by themselves. Many, many people are involved. They range from civil servants and office clerks that helped us arrange permits etc. to volunteers that join us on the building site and weld bars together. Youtube now hosts a short impression of the land-based building of a CoralGarden flower. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and be the first to see our new videos!

Adding chicken wire to a leaf

The experience of one of our volunteers:

“Frank and Vera the day we spent helping you guys was amazing! I think you guys helped me more though! I have a massive amount of respect for the both of you and what you have achieved. This island and its waters are clearly in need of some assistance if it is to stay healthy for future generations and you are helping make this move towards sustainable tourism and coral regeneration. I had a great time and look forward to assisting you guys again soon


H. H.”

Team van Blue Immersion heeft zich ingezet om een bloem te bouwen.
Blue Immersion, thanks for building with us!


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