Presentations by CoralGardening

Nothing is more comfy than sitting inside, dry and warm, listening to wonderful tales about coral reefs while it’s cold and rainy outside. CoralGardening has filled quite a couple of afternoons and evenings like this, discussing our work and experiences with several groups ranging from divers to a Wild&Eco middle school class. They all wanted to learn more about the importance of coral reefs.

CoralGardening geeft lezing aan de Wild&Eco Thema Klas van de Steenspil.
Wild&Eco class in a state of concentration.

They say the youth has the future. That’s why it is so much fun and so important to talk to middle school pupils about corals and their importance in the lives of people and nature. We took the Wild&Eco class of the Steenspil on a journey under water. They were very interested and are now making their own plans for contributing to the CoralGarden on Koh Tao. We look forward to seeing the creative thoughts they come up with. Nicolle, thank you for the opportunity to get to know your students!