Did you know: new species of crab discovered

It might sound strange, but we know more about space than about our oceans even though the latter is so much closer to home.

New species of fish, corals and other life forms are discovered almost daily, whether they live in the deeper parts of the ocean or closer to shore in reefs. Some time ago a new species of crab was discovered living just off the coasts of Indonesia and Malaysia. Sancia van der Meij, a researcher at the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, found this species during her time on site in Indonesia and Malaysia. It is called Lithoscaptus semperi, or Sempers gall crab.

Er is een nieuwe galkrabsoort ontdekt dat in het koraalrif leeft.
A new gall crab species was discovered living in tropical reefs.

If you want to get famous as an authentic wild life explorer and discoverer of species, try diving and marine research. There are still many secrets to uncover!