Love connects

Not only lots of people on Koh Tao join building the artificial reef, more and more people from the Netherlands are coming over to help build the Koh Tao CoralGarden. Some of them come specifically for CoralGardening, others had already planned their trip to Thailand and decided to take a detour. Among them were Ineke and Guus, whom we met at Duikvaker 2017. They had a unique story to share:

Ineke en Guus schrijven naam op een bloemblad.
Ineke and Guus writing on flower leafs.

“For about 15 years Guus, Jürgen and I have been diving everywhere, cleaning reefs in all corners of the world. We really were three musketeers. Jürgen (my  former husband) passed away some time ago, and now I am married to Guus. It seemed no less than appropriate for us to build an underwater monument for Jürgen. THIS is what he stood and what we still stand for.”
Guus and Ineke

Ineke en Guus tonen trost de door hun gedoneerde bladen.
Ineke and Guus proudly show their donated flower leafs.

Guus and Ineke have spend two parts of a day helping us and building two small flower leafs. One with their names engraved, and one dedicated to Jürgen.

Ter nagedachtenis aan Jürgen.
In loving memory of Jürgen.