Lionfish hunt in packs and share prey.

Did you know: animals are much more intelligent than we think?

We assume that we are superior to all animal species, but is that really so? The documentary The Superior Human doubts this in a ludicrous way. Meanwhile on Youtube, you can already find the necessary videos of dolphins, sharks, or other marine life that go to e.g. divers for help removing ropes or nets from their bodies. It is also known that orca’s hunt in groups and use certain tactics to get a seal off of an ice shelf. Termites are able to build a termite hill in which temperature is uniform throughout the day, regardless of the daily large temperature fluctuations on the outside and without the use of electricity / air conditioning. Many animals also mourn for their lost companions or children. What does science think of this?

There are scientific studies that show that what we see as “simple” animals indeed show quite more intelligent behaviour. For example, fish have memory and can learn things. Lionfish hunt together, enclosing their prey with their pointy fins, and when caught divide it evenly among the participants of the hunt. As is the case with most animal species, the alpha male takes the largest share.

Koraalduivel jaagt samen en deelt prooi.
Lionfish hunt in packs and share prey.

It is also discovered that ants in combat with other insects can and will save their wounded comrads on the battlefield, to increase their survival rate.

Mieren redden strijdmakker van slagveld.
Ants save their comrads on the battlefield.

In short, animals often have special qualities that we rarely appreciate. We could deal with more respect with all the animals on earth.