7 things you can do from home to protect our coral reefs

One of the most frequently asked questions is: “What can we do from home to protect coral reefs?” Here are 7 things you can do to contribute to a healthy coral reef. At the bottom you find links with more information.

7 tips wat jij kan doen om koraalriffen te beschermen.
7 things you can do from home to protect our coral reefs
  1. Reduce the use of energy, water and raw materials. Choose for renewable energy sources. Climate change accelerates both the rise of the ocean water temperature as ocean acidification. Both are bad for corals.
    The Footprint Challenge
    Sustainable Lifestyle
  2. Reduce and recycle waste: In the Netherlands, plastic is only partially recycled. Most of it gets burned or landfilled. Street waste eventually ends up in the ocean. Choose sustainable products.
    The Majestic Plastic Bag (Mockumentary: how litter ends up in the ocean)
    Zero Waste Home
    GreenBiz – What makes a sustainable product?
  3. Get rid of your car. Go hiking, take the bicycle or public transport. If it’s impossible to get rid of your car, choose an electric car.
    Sustainable Mobility
  4. Learn more about the ocean, for example by watching documentaries, reading books, discussing with family, friends or organizing a theme evening at your local association.
    Movies for action
    Ocean Documentaries
  5. With spending your money you vote for what matters to you, every time you do so. But what does your bank do with the money on your account? Switch to a sustainable bank.
    Global Alliance for Banking on Values
  6. Support an organization that protects the ocean (donate money or time) and sign petitions that contribute to a clean and healthy ocean.
    Overview different organizations
  7. Do not eat fish: there is no sustainable fishing, we are emptying our ocean. Fish is necessary for the natural balance of our seas. They eat fast-growing algae that are in conflict with coral.
    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – Overfishing
    If you want to eat fish, know which fish is critical endangerd with extinction!