CodingNomads and Tao Hub

Forget about the open-plan office and working from home: Digital Nomads is the newest way of working for this decade. Not a job from 9 to 5 in the same place for years, but living “somewhere in the world” and work from there, when you feel like it and it suits you. Meanwhile, entire communities have been established to promote this lifestyle. Esther Jacobs has written several books about it, including the Digital Nomads (about what it all means to live like that). The book by Timothy Ferriss is fun to read, but very optimistic with the title: “The 4-Hour Workweek“.

Is this your new workspace?
Is this your new workspace?

Nothing is more fun to notice that it actually exists. On Koh Tao there is a so-called co-workspace, the Tao Hub where digital nomads come together and can work. It is an office, including large outdoor terrace to work. It is more than a workplace. There are cozy couches for chilling, friendly faces and some pets to de-stress. In the afternoon lunch is served and you can eat together good homemade Thai delicacies, and if there is something to celebrate, the barbeque is taken from the shed or wraps are being made. The manager, Moe, knows how to make a party every time.

Gezelligheid bij de TaoHub.
Fun at TaoHub.

It is the ideal place to meet people who travel the world and work at the same time. It is not only programmers who do this, but also trainers. We meet Ryan and Kim from CodingNomads. They organize a Coding Bootcamp where people in 2 months time will be trained from “nitwits” to become programmers. In a third month they work together on a project to convert the learned experience into practice. Check their website and read about their experience with the Tao Hub.

DigitalNomads luisteren aandachtig naar de lezng over koraal in de TaoHub.
DigitalNomads listen to lecture about CoralGardening at TaoHub

As said, it is the place to meet people. We are happy that non-divers are also interested in the story about coral reefs. We give the programmers a lecture about the importance of coral reefs and the work of CoralGardening. They are very inspired and a number of young programmers and their trainers come to the workshop on their day off, to roll up their sleeves.

Kimberley leert lassen.
Kimberley learns to weld.