Did you know: Milieudefensie sues Shell?

In the past we participated in the Climate case of Urgenda against the Dutch State. Now a similar case has been started by Milieudefensie (Dutch NGO, member of Friends of the Earth International) against Royal Dutch Shell. They believe that Shell does too little to combat climate change. Famous is the statement by Topman Shell: “I pump everything up that I can pump.” Unfortunately, as Shell does, it means the death of the coral reefs, with all the disastrous consequences for all human beings.

Klimaatzaakshell Ik klaag Shell aan
I sue Shell. Make climate your business too, become a co-plaintiff

Oil companies have known for more then 30 years that burning oil leads to climate change. They have intentionally distributed misleading information by hiring scientists to generate research that was denying the link between burning oil and climate change.

Milieudefensie is not the first organization that sues the oil companies because of their irresponsible behavior, the city of New York started a process against 5 oil companies. And Arnold Schwarzenegger even wants to sue themĀ for murder.

Rogier Cox is the lawyer of Milieudefensie, he was also the lawyer of Urgenda in the climate case.

Rogier Cox klimaatzaakshell
Rogier Cox

The Dutch standup comedian Ruben van der Meer is the first co-plaintiff in this lawsuit. Milieudefensie is calling on all Dutch citizens to join the lawsuit. They can register as a co-plaintiff via klimaatzaakshell.nl

Do not do it for us, do it for your children and / or grandchildren.