Children are painting their art work.

Interesting activities at Duikvaker 2018

Duikvaker 2018 was a great success for young and slightly less young, for both diving and active holiday enthusiasts. Apart from all the latest gadgets in diving, there were also other activities and even a worldrecord breaking attempt.

Children are creating a house for fishes and coral.
Children are creating a house for fishes and corals

For example, SummerLabb offered its visitors a look into a sustainable future. The visitors got an extensive story about platics soup and how you can reduce your own plastic footprint yourself. This went from the use of BioPlastic to a laundry bag to filter your plastic and nylon microfibers, which are released when washing synthetic clothes. There was also promotion for lead-free fishing (Dutch) and how to design your garden to absorb more rainwater.

Vera give a presentation at SummerLabb.
Vera gives a presentation on SummerLabb

Several coral experts were present and companies involved in the cultivation of seaweed and mats to grow oysters. Jan Douwe Kroeske interviewed Vera Aarden about CoralGardening’s vision on the future of coral reefs.

Besides a shows with mermaids, there was also the world record “rings blowing” improved by freediver Jorrit Bruinsma. He could blow 71 rings in 2 minutes 18, on one breath. The whole record attempt can be seen here.

With Jorrit, the new world recordholder bubble blower.
With Jorrit, the new world record holder blowing bubbles

Children could have fun at our stand with the workshop CoralGardening. This time it was even possible to make the designs in color. After claying  the house for fishes, they could paint the works in desired colors. This makes them even more beautiful after baking.

Children are painting their art work.
Children are painting their art work

Of course we informed everyone with photos, videos and personal stories of Willem, Arjan, Vera and Frank about the construction of the CoralGarden on Koh Tao. More people have interest to assist us in building the CoralGarden on location. If you are interested in building with us, please send us an e-mail. Would you rather build from your home country? That is also possible! On our donation page you can donate, so we can buy the necessary materials on site.

Furthermore Marcel Coret from Diving School KevMic-Diving came to our booth to hand over our regulators after a thorough service. Marcel, thank you so much for the good and fast service!

Several companies offered to sponsor CoralGardening, but more about that later.

Marcel from KevMic Diving serviced our regs
Thanks to Marcel, our reg’s are in perfect condition again

Thank you very much for your visit, interest and donations!

An impression of the Duikvaker made by Bas: