We challenge you to participate in the Coral Reef Engineering Lab

From June 13th until June 16th the Border Sessions festival will be held. It is a Tech Culture Festival, to step out of your daily routine. The chance to shake hands with your fellow travellers to the future. People on a mission who take nothing for granted. A four day festival to explore how technology can be a powerful instrument for positive change. The motto this year is: “Missions too important to jeopardise”.

BorderSessions June 2018 CoralGardening

Border Sessions invites you to co-create the upcoming 7th edition. Over 20 labs, a conference with 40+ sessions, a hackathon, a dinner and much more… We prepare this together with you. Send the organization your profile to start the conversation.

On June 15th, CoralGardening will participate in the Coral Reef Engineering Lab, where two of our questions will be presented to all kinds of experts in order to find a solution together. Do you want to use your creativity to restore coral reefs? Come and join us.

Beautiful healthy reef
Beautiful healthy reef

It is no mystery that coral reefs are under great threat. The global decline of coral reefs puts the food and income source, as well as the coastal protection of hundreds of thousands of people at risk. Our mission is to turn the tide. We would like to challenge people from all different fields and backgrounds to join our Coral Reef Engineering Lab and find innovative and groundbreaking solutions for the deterioration of coral reefs worldwide. We believe that by combining the power of diversity we can couple old ideas to new insights, form novel alliances overnight and tackle the coral reef issue in a non-conventional way.

During the lab we challenge you to step into a real-life case to find solutions for coral reefs. All ideas that are formed during the workshop will be taken into consideration for real-life implementation. So are you an artist, ecologist, engineer, architect, banker, farmer, teacher, in short, a human being? And would you like to use your creativity and knowledge for the protection of one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet? We challenge you to submerge yourself in the colorful world of coral reefs and join our mission!

Programma Ocean Floor Lab op Border Sessions
Programma Ocean Floor Lab on Border Sessions

We are challenging all kinds of experts to invent a new way to create artificial reefs.