You can not restore coral reefs on your own

You can not restore coral reefs on your own, the ocean is much too big. Every helping hand is welcome and that why it is heart-warming if someone offers to support CoralGardening. And sometimes you are overwhelmed by the generosity of the sponsor!

Diego of The Old Pirate, spoke with us at the exhibition Boot in Dusseldorf and at Duikvaker in Houten. He wanted to sponsor us with new diving equipment. For those who do not know The Old Pirate yet, it is the importer and wholesaler of all kinds of diving equipment. From the smallest parts to complete sets of diving equipment. Their newly opened store is very convenient; you can view and try everything and even test a lot of the equipment. Next to the store the diving school Li-Diving is located with their own dive pond. The dive pond is ideal to test whether you enjoy diving and practice your skills. There is also cool stuff to see under water.

After the Duikvaker exhibition we went to The Old Pirate. We walked through the shop and Diego asked what CoralGardening needs. We only mention the most necessary things. But Diego insists and gives more than we can wish for. The list continues to grow and is too long to mention, we end up with 2 Tigullio T52 BCD’s, a new manometer for Veran, two reals, mesh bags, a gorgeous OrcaTorch flashlight with wrist strap, two waterproof backpacks and a backpack to transport the diving equipment itself. Very useful if you are cycling around Koh Tao. And that is not all, soon there will be more ….

The Old Pirate sponsort CoralGardening met nieuwe duikapparatuur.
Diego from The Old Pirate sponsors CoralGardening with new diving equipment

The Tigullio T52 trim jackets are ideal for our work under water. They are semi-wings and therefore easy to trim. This allows you to work nicely horizontally above the artificial reef, without having to be afraid of touching something. Hanging upside down is also a piece of cake. The large pockets and many D-rings make it possible to carry a lot of tools and equipment. The trim jackets also have a big bladder, so the extra weight that you take with you can easily be compensated.

The Old Pirate and Diego thanks for the donation, we use it with pleasure.

Our new Tigullio T52
Our new BCD – Tigullio T52
Vera in actie met nieuwe apparatuur.
Veran proudly shows the new equipment
Deployment artifical reef CoralGarden
And what do we think of this?

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