Great that people support us

To run a foundation successfully is quite a challenge. It takes a lot of work and then it is great that there are people who would like to support us. For example, Gard from Megadiving donates two regulators to us.

We receive two Aqua Lungs Core sets, which are also suitable for cold water. There is coral in cold water, but that is difficult for us to grow. Unfortunately, that coral is also subject to the influence of human kind. Despite the cold water, I still have the dream of diving under Antarctic ice once. It is so beautiful to see. It is always enjoyable when you see the beautiful documentaries such as Blue Planet II from the BBC.

Donatie van 2 Aqua Lung door Gard van Megadiving aan
Donation of 2 Aqua Lung regulators by Gard from Megadiving

What is very useful to the Core sets is that they are equipped with the ACD system (Automatic Closure Device). This ensures that no water can enter the system when washing the first stage. This prevents possible damage. In Thailand, the regulators are rinsed after diving, in large containers with water. We wash our equipment ourselves, because not everyone is careful with someone else’s stuff. But something can always happen. Recently we found a regulator set from a diving school completely under water. The probability that the first stage is flooded is present, with all the consequences.

Wachtrij voor wassen duikapparatuur
Many people washing their own or a shops dive equipment

The regulators work wonderfully under water. The easy-to-grip venturi lever prevents unwanted freeflow at the surface while giving a performance boost at depth and provides more air supply.

Frank met Aqua Lung en Paralenz
Frank with Aqua Lung

Gard and Aqua Lung thanks for the donation! We use the regulators with great pleasure.