Thai Wai

Our dream is to realise a CoralGarden that is both intended as a new reef to create more life in the sea, as well as a nice place for divers. That is why we have designed and created the Hands. They have the shape of the Thai “Wai”. The Wai is our gesture to greet and thank the community of Koh Tao for making a positive impact on their island.

Unlike the actual gesture you make with your hands to greet or thank someone, these hands are a bit open so divers can practise their bouyancy skills by swimming through. This weekend the Hands are going down in the water!

Over the last 1,5 year, during the periods we were on Koh Tao, we have created an artificial reef called the CoralGarden. The reef was made during workshops together with many volunteers, from DMT’s from various dive schools, tourists to school kids and local / long staying people on Koh Tao. Also we gave presentations at EcoDay’s, for diveschools, tourists, kids etc. about coral reefs, the ocean and possible solutions to make less negative, or even a positive impact on them.

We have opened the hearts of different people and hope to have inspired many to care more about the world in which we live. Our work doesn’t stop here, but with finishing the Thai Wai Hands we would like to thank all who contributed to realising the CoralGarden.

Photos made by Carla August Photography
Carla thank you very much for the beautiful pictures.