Coral Reefs, The Most Lush of All Marine Environments

Last Month, October, CoralGardening made an appearance in a very colorful and fragrant place: the LUSH store located in Den Bosch. The entire day was dedicated to the theme of coral and CoralGardening, and Esmee, together with the staff of LUSH, educated as many people as possible about the importance of coral reefs and their recovery. Movies, genuine coral specimens, enthusiasm, a competition, and the sale of the charity pot made the day successful. No less than 150.15 euros were collected for CoralGardening!

Visitors were asked to come up with a name for the red breasted wrasse that lives in the CoralGardening. With a large majority, they have chosen: Suppy.

Fully cared for, hydrated and motivated, we return to our every day activities at CoralGardening, we carry on, aided by this donation.

Koraal in de Lush winkel in Den Bosch
Coral in the Lush shop in Den Bosch

LUSH, thank you for your cooperation! Do you want to be inspired by coral and CoralGardening at work or at school? Please contact us to explore the possibilities, we will be
happy to provide you with much more information than was included in this newsletter!

Esmee vertelt over CoralGardening in de Lush winkel in Den Bosch
Esmee talks about CoralGardening in the Lush store in Den Bosch

Greetings from the Netherlands,