CoralGardening provides for custom made presentations for students, organizations and companies. Interested in a presentation from us? Feel free to contact us via info (at)

January 31th, February first and second 2010 – Duikvaker in Houten
There is something for every diver, freediver and snorkeler, from presentations in the seminar areas and at the stands, to a complete range of diving, freediving and snorkelling equipment, and diving holidays to training. Of course we have our famous activities for young and old. Do you want to hear the stories about our projects in Thailand and Indonesia? See you at the Expo in Houten.

December 20th, 2019 – Final ruling of the Supreme Court in Climate Case
The Urgenda Climate Case against the Dutch Government was the first in the world in which citizens (including Frank and Veran from CoralGardening) established that their government has a legal duty to prevent dangerous climate change. The final ruling of the Supreme Court will be delivered at a public hearing on 20 December 2019. If you want to hear the final verdict, look at the website of Urgenda.

September 10th, 2019 – Cerianthus
CoralGardening gives a lecture at the aquarium club Cerianthus in Utrecht. What are the differences and similarities with the breeding of coral in a aquarium or in the open ocean?

April 11th – 14th, 2019 – ADEX
CoralGardening will be at ADEX Singapore in Suntec City to inspire you to be an ambassador for plastic free coral reefs! We will host activities in the Kids Zone and advice parents, consumers and business on preventing more plastic soup ending up in our ocean which harm our beautiful coral reefs

February 2 and 3, 2019 – Duikvaker

November 24 2018 – Coral Day Bangka Island, Indonesia
During this day, Suara Pulau and partners will be deploying a new structure underwater.

Coral Day 2018 on Bangka Island Indonesia
Coral Day 2018 on Bangka Island Indonesia

June13th -16th, 2018 – Border Sessions
Step out of your daily routine. The chance to shake hands with your fellow travellers. People on a mission who take nothing for granted. A four day festival to explore how technology can be a powerful instrument for positive change. On June 15th, CoralGardening will participate in the Coral Reef Engineering Lab, where two of our questions will be presented to all kinds of experts in order to find a solution together. Do you want to use your creativity to restore coral reefs? Come and join us.

June 10 2018 – World Ocean Day in Den Bosch
On Sunday 10 June we celebrate the beauty of the ocean on World Ocean Day. This time it will be organized by Sea First at Maaspoort Sport & Events in Den Bosch. Come and meet inspiring people who are busy making the ocean more beautiful. It is a day full of adventure for young and old, with virtual swimming with dolphins, test dives and whale hospital. We are also present. For more information look at

April 27 – 29, 2018 – Trash Hero conference in Bangkok
The third Trash Hero Thailand Family Meeting, will be held in Bangkok from 27 – 29 April. We give a presentation about coral and plastic soup on Sunday.

March 10 and 11, 2018 – Save Koh Tao Festival
Once a year our community comes together to celebrate Save Koh Tao festival. This year CoralGardening will be present with a booth and workshops for young and not so young ocean lovers.

Find us next to the water station close to the main bar, where you get a free refill if you bring or buy your own stainless steel bottle.
We will have a booth and two workshops. You can create your own artificial reef or paint fishes with your hands on our wall of waves.
Come enjoy the beautiful decoration, live music and many activities at the free Save Koh Tao festival, in the coconut field North from Sairee.

This Year’s Festival will be BYOB – Bring Your Own Bottle…Not Beer (that can be purchased at the festival, so don’t panic).

Februari 3 and 4, 2018 – Duikvaker
Duikvaker will be held for the 26th time on 3 and 4 February 2018. This dive event for divers, freedivers and snorkelers has opened the diving season for over 25 years. It will be a lively weekend with more than 100 stands, over 80 speakers and a lot of visitors. There is something for every diver, freediver and snorkeler, from presentations in the seminar areas and at the stands, to a complete range of diving, freediving and snorkelling equipment, and diving holidays to training.

September 10, 2017 – Sea the future
A great day of adventure for the whole family. Make a real dive, or dive with dolphins in the VR space. Discover how seaweed grows and tastes and see how important the ocean is for all people and animals on the land.

June 30, 2017 – Eco Day on Koh Tao organised by Get Involved
During this day two flowers will be planted, for more information see our Facebook page.

May 28, 2017 – Eco Day on Koh Tao organised by Get Involved
During this day a flower is planted again.

20 March 2017 – Presentation to Aqua Tao
Aqua Tao instructors will have their first Eco presentation. CoralGardening crew Thailand will tell them about the construction of the CoralGarden and invite them to join! We will also challenge the young women and men to take an extra step in reducing their plastic usage on Koh Tao. Come join us at the rooftop bar of Canopia from 7 pm!

16 March 2017 – Huge clean-up day on Koh Tao!
Join the nearest beach and reef clean-up today! Beach clean-ups will start at 9am and make sure you sign up for a reef clean-up at the nearest dive centre before 11am. Come to the pier at 4:45pm to weigh the amount of waste we have collected and for a group photo. Follow us on Facebook for the details.

10 March 2017 – Lecture at dive team Thalassa Amersfoort in Soest
Tonight we give a presentation to dive team Thalassa Amersfoort in Soest. Be there!

1 March 2017 – EcoDay Koh Tao
One morning with lectures to various diveschools and the International School QSI from China. And creating the leafs of the flower with a team of volunteers.

4 en 5 Februari 2017 – Duikvaker 2017    Expo Houten, the Netherlands
This weekend CoralGardening is present with a huge stand on the biggest dive exhibition Duikvaker. This year we have an extra table for the famous workshop CoralGardening for kids. Join our lectures, info-snacking and many interactive ways to learn about coral and what we can do to protect and restore them. Subscribe now for our updates and win a ticket to Duikvaker 2017!
See you at our info booth in Expo in Houten, near Utrecht.

27 January 2017 – Lecture at the swimming pool in Almere
On invitation by diveclub Narwal from Almere for a lecture for their members and all (non-members) interested in Almere to join this evening in the swimming pool in Almere.

19 January 2017 – Eco and Wildlife class Steenspil Halsteren
This afternoon we will give lessons about our ocean, what coral is and how we all can help to protect and restore the coral reefs.

19 November 2016 – Sand castle competition with Shark Guardian Khao Lak
What can we do to protect sharks and corals. Express your ideas in a sand castle on the beach of Khao Lak.

17 November 2016 – Placing the first flower of the CoralGarden under water on Koh Tao
Today is the big day!

15 Novembre 2016 – EcoDay Koh Tao
Today is EcoDay! One morning with lectures to various diveschools and creating the last leafs of the flower with a team of volunteers on the Save Koh Tao workplace.

13 Novembre 2016 – Special guests from the Netherlands join hands
A team from diveschool Kev-Mic Diving Alkmaar joins us to create a few bases for new flowers. They promised to bring us equipment as well. We look forward to equip you with their sponsored materials!

8 Novembre 2016 – Blue Immersion masters in training join us creating the CoralGarden
A few days follwing the lecture we welcomed the team of new freedive professionals on the workplace to create the first flower of the CoralGarden.

6 Novembre 2016 – Lecture at freedive school Blue Immersion Koh Tao
The enthusiastic team of Blue Immersion invited us for a lecture for their Masters in training.

28 Octobre 2016 – Open workshop CoralGardening, Koh Tao
Today you are welcome to join our workshop CoralGardening. If you are not related to any of the participating organisations or missed our previous workshops, you are welcome to join on this open workshop. For free ofcourse!

17 Octobre 2016 – EcoDay Koh Tao
Today is EcoDay! One morning with lectures to various diveschools and creating a flower with a team of volunteers on the Save Koh Tao workplace.

12 Octobre 2016 – Beach Clean-up with Eco Koh Tao
Join the beach clean-up in Mae Haad from 9 – 11 am.

28 September 2016 – Double Diving Film night in Omniversum The Hague.
This evening we will be present at to inform you about coral reefs and what we do to preserve and protect them. You will enjoy two astonishing IMAX-films. Of course also about coral reefs!

16 Septembre 2016 – EcoDay Koh Tao – continue our work on the first flower
This EcoDay we give a presentation that is more in depth on how we aim to restore coral reefs and how a CoralGarden is being built. Join us on the workplace this EcoDay afternoon to learn how to weld and get your hands dirty with concrete.

18 August 2016 – EcoDay Koh Tao – creation of a flower
This EcoDay we give a presentation for several diveschools on Koh Tao. In the afternoon we will give the CoralGardening workshop for a group of volunteers where we will create the first flower of the CoralGarden.

19 juni 2016 – Opening of photo exhibition of dive Narwal, Almere.
Duikvereniging Narwal opens their photo exhibition about underwater life in the Almere library. CoralGardening is there to talk about coral reefs.

April 9 – Benefit party for CoralGardening in a Tropical venue in Rotterdam
Also chance to say farewell to Frank and Veran. Buy tickets here. Ticket sale closes on March 24th.

April 4 – Opening of the new and most astonishing office of Olympia in Bergen op Zoom.

March 16 – Presentation Waterscouting Het Zuiderkruis Oosterhout
From 19:30 – 22:00 Wilhelminalaan 1 in Oosterhout (NB)

March 10 – Presentation at Going Green in Den Haag

Februari 23 – End of Crowdfunding

Februari 13 – Presentation between two boat dives at Tertius in Zeeland.

Februari 10 – Presentation at OSCG in Gorinchem

Februari 6 & 7 – Duikvaker
Of course CoralGardening is present at Duikvaker, the largest gathering of divers in the Netherlands. CoralGardening has a stand, will give a presentation and hold workshops in CoralGardening.

Januari 23 – 31 – Boot Dusseldorf
The largest conference for water sports enthusiasts in the world. While we do not have a stand, we will be around in the weekends.