Join CoralGardening?

Adopt a piece of reef that CoralGardening will build, maintain and protect for you. Or donate to the CoralGardening foundation. We can make personal offerings for companies.


One-time donation

You can support us by donating an amount of your choice to our bank account at the Dutch Triodos Bank:
IBAN: NL 54 TRIO 0390 9142 07

Stichting CoralGardening
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Please leave your name, full adress and email adress. You will receive a confirmation on the donation.


If you want to donate through PayPal, CreditCard or any other online payment system, just click the following link:







Regular donations

You can authorize CoralGardening to regularly (e.g. each month, or once a year) collect a certain amount from your bank account, specified by you. You can withdraw this authorization at any time. Clicking here or by choosing the PayPal button above you can choose you regular donation to CoralGardening with SEPA Direct Debit.

Testamentary disposition

Will you choose to put CoralGardening in your testament? Then you will help us protect and restore reefs  for future generations. To make or edit your testament, you will need to contact your notary office or equivalent.

ANBI – “Algemeen Nut Beoogde Instelling”

CoralGardening does not receive subsidies and is dependent on donations made by the public. Donations from people like you. Your help is of great importance to us! With your gifts we buy materials and equipment on the locations of our projects. The money will directly flow into the local economies and restore and protect reefs in the region. It will be used directly to protect reefs and build artificial Coral Gardens. We may also use your donation to educate local people, students, companies etcetera.

Stichting CoralGardening is a recognized ANBI foundation. That means that gifts, following the rules of the Dutch Belastingdienst (Tax office), may be tax deductible. Donations that are registered in a notary certificate are completely deductible from the Dutch income tax!

Please note that additional terms and conditions may apply for those people and companies that work under different nationalities etc. You can find more info at the site of the Belastingdienst:


Thank you for your support!

Team CoralGardening