We welcome donations of (second-hand) diving, computer and communication equipment. We can use multiple divesets for both permanent staff on the project, and for volunteers that come along.
Do you have unused equipment? Whether you have a business in diving, computer and communication and love coral reefs? Donate equipment now. Please email us quoting equipment to info (at)

We are very happy with it !!!

What we need is:

2 LaptopsFor editting photos and videos to communicate with our supporters
2 SmartphonesFor communication with supporters
BCD'sKevMic Diving thanks!

KevMic sponsoring - 01s
Regulators, Mash bags and UnderwaterDonated by Hesterman Diving

CG-151209-021 - Donatie Hesterman Diving - 02s
Diving masks, diving suit long and FinsDonated received by DCNV
Shorty wetsuit 2 to 3 mm
Diving Boots
Gloves to work under water
Lift Bags to place the statues under water
Underwater housing for Nikon D200 To take underwater photographs for communication with supporters.
GoPro or other underwater action cameraTo make underwater movies of the work of CoralGardening
1 welding machine For the making of the statues.
Bolt cutters To create the statues
Automatic welding maskTo create the statues