Fish Nursery

In 2008 we attended the Marine Conservation course conducted by Chad Scott from NHRCP, on Koh Tao, Thailand. During this course, it was a required that we develop and implement a project ourselves. What to do? On one coral nursery, there were not enough fish. The fish are needed to keep the coral healthy: they eat the alga. To attract more fish, it is necessary that there are hiding places for them to live in. Together with Chad and Katja, (our fellow student), we designed and built a cone shaped structure out of rebar. This shape was then submerged and filled with stones and glass bottles, so that fish can hide from predators. The so-called Fish Nursery is born!

Building the fish nursery with rebar, from left to right: Chad, Frank, Katja and in the front, Veran.
Our construction goes on the boat, ready to be deployed into the ocean.

Fish began to inhabit the nursery almost immediately, and within a couple of days there were various different fish species around it. Research conducted a year later shows that more than one hundred different types of marine life live on and around the structure. Our goal has been achieved!

The Fish nursery with abundant marine life in 2010.
Detail of the fish-nursery (2010)